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Gay Speedo Bears On FaceBook

Like big, beefy and hairy men in Speedo swimwear? Please take a moment to LIKE the FaceBook SpeedoBears Page to keep tabs on the latest in furry Bear men stuffed into tiny bits of men’s Speedo swim wear.

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MuscleBears In Speedos – The REAL Deal


OK, there is nothing sexier than a big, beefy, hairy man crammed into the smallest bit of Lycra Spandex possible. The contrast of heavy fur, ample flesh and big muscles juxtaposed to a wee bit of fabric swimwear is a sight to behold.

The MuscleBear obsession knows no bounds, and it’s morphed into a Speedo Bear swimwear obsession as well. And oodles of SpeedoBear WordPress, Tumbr and Blogspot blogs have appeared with pictures of  alleged Speedo Bear men from around the globe.

The problem is the lack of regard for the Speedo Swimwear BRAND – and we end up with Speedo Bear pictures of guys in off-brand swimming briefs and trunks. That may still be visually appealing to some, but still it’s brand dilution. I want to see that classic Speedo logo to assure me that Bear in a Speedo really is – and not just showing off his hairy Bear body in some off-brand swim suit.

I want the Real-Deal: Speedo Bears loyal to the brand and sporting that logo with pride – Not some knock-off Speedo wanna-be poser in some other kind of swimming brief.


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