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Gay Speedo Bears On FaceBook

Like big, beefy and hairy men in Speedo swimwear? Please take a moment to LIKE the FaceBook SpeedoBears Page to keep tabs on the latest in furry Bear men stuffed into tiny bits of men’s Speedo swim wear.

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Become A MuscleBear – How To

muscular bearEven if you’re just a young, furry Cub or grizzled old grey Bearr who wants to get back into shape or get seriously stronger — you may be asking yourself: “How can I turn into a big Muscle Bear?”, “How long will it take to get huge muscles?”, “Will becoming a muscular Bear help me laid more often?”

Well there’s no easy answer to how to be a MuscleBear other than get your furry rump to a gym and hot those weights HARD. How long it will take to seriously muscle-up is another matter. So much depends on your Bear body somatotype and your current state of physical condition (or lack of it). But the solution is to immediately start to integrate a serious and focused effort on weight-lifting and cardiovascular endurance exercises hell-bent on getting into the best shape of your life. If you’re young its much easier, if you’re old you’re going to have to pace yourself and work within a framework that takes into account age related health issues and wear and tear on your joints and past injuries.

Perhaps someday we’ll write the definitive “How To Be A MuscleBear” eBook that’s sure to make the Gay non-fiction best-seller list. In the meantime, explore some of these articles and posts from a TRIBE OF MALE BODYBUILDING devotees. Even though they may seem to contain generic fitness and weight-training advice, there’s always little bits of insight you can glean to help integrate it into your big Bear muscle beef-up strength-training routine.

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The Hot Hairy Gay Muscle Bear Pictures Obsession


Pictures of Muscle Bears seems to be a global obsession. Photos of beefy hairy men, Gay muscle bear pictures, images of hairy muscle Bears, Muscle Bear photo blogs and more abound across the internet.

A fetish for bearded, hairy and muscular men drives an absolutely insane amount of MuscleBear photo collection, ‘curation’ and sharing across the internet. Muscle Bear pics flood blog after photo blog across the social media landscape whether it’s Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr or Google+ Groups. Oh and lets not forget the Muscle Bear Pic Of The Day Twitter image tweets and endless FaceBook pics of Muscle Bear Fan Pages and personal postings of images of Muscle Bear men that clog our daily data streams. Some days I’m literally assaulted with with endless hot images of beefy, hairy, muscular Bear men.

Some days, I have to wonder who – or more importantly *WHY* a certain slice of the global human population spends such an insane amount of life energy gathering and disseminating hairy and bearded Bear Muscle pictures on such a massive scale. Some are clearly fur, muscle and Gay beard fetishists simply sharing their own little ‘hobby’ with others.

A few, like me, are far more *ARCH* in their motivations, looking for a captivated audience of hairy muscular pic pervs with a muscle and male body hair obsession and fetish to lure their lust for hairy bear men and engage in furry Muscle Bear bearsploitation to induce them into the world of Bear men Manscaping, beard trimming and back hair shaving gear. Gay men’s Manscaping and body grooming – or the lack of it – is after all – tangenitally related to this furry Muscle Bear picture collecting and sharing obsession.

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Building Thick Beefy Bear Pecs and Meaty Big Nipples

If you’re a MuscleBear who’s had success with weight training and bodybuilding, you’ve probably managed to add a significant amount of pectoral muscle mass. So, now you have big beefy and humpy pecs covered in fur, but may find your tiny, itty-bitty men’s nipples getting lost in the crowd. There’s fun affordable and easy ways to to quickly build big man nipples to match your chest musculature.

men with big nipples

There’s alot of cheap and affordable nipple cups, pumps, and clamps that can help a muscular Bear like you develop long, thick nipples. Check out these NIPPLE PUMPING TIPS and gear from a dedicated man, the NippleCoach to help guide you on some of the better choices in techniques and better choices in pumps to get big nipples fast. A lot of guys experiment with various products and tactics to develop a large man nipples to compliment their appearance and foreplay activities.

I won’t divulge all the tactics and secrets to become one of those Muscle Bear guys with huge nipples, but smart nipple training and coaching can help you build long, meaty nipples quicker and smarter.

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MuscleBears In Speedos – The REAL Deal


OK, there is nothing sexier than a big, beefy, hairy man crammed into the smallest bit of Lycra Spandex possible. The contrast of heavy fur, ample flesh and big muscles juxtaposed to a wee bit of fabric swimwear is a sight to behold.

The MuscleBear obsession knows no bounds, and it’s morphed into a Speedo Bear swimwear obsession as well. And oodles of SpeedoBear WordPress, Tumbr and Blogspot blogs have appeared with pictures of  alleged Speedo Bear men from around the globe.

The problem is the lack of regard for the Speedo Swimwear BRAND – and we end up with Speedo Bear pictures of guys in off-brand swimming briefs and trunks. That may still be visually appealing to some, but still it’s brand dilution. I want to see that classic Speedo logo to assure me that Bear in a Speedo really is – and not just showing off his hairy Bear body in some off-brand swim suit.

I want the Real-Deal: Speedo Bears loyal to the brand and sporting that logo with pride – Not some knock-off Speedo wanna-be poser in some other kind of swimming brief.


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Muscle Bear Grooming And Manscaping Tools

Big Hairy Bear

Big Hairy Bear

Whether you’re a power lifting Bear, a beefy, hairy Muscle Bear or just your average Bear who does weight-trining regularly, after a workout and showering is a classic time to spend a few minutes on mens grooming and tending to your beard and a guy’s furry bits from head to toe.

You don’t just need a beard trimmer. You need an ARSENAL of hair clippers, beard mustache and goatee trimmers, scissors, razors and body grooming gear to manscape that pelt — at least occasionally.

Modern fur management technology has brought a great deal of improvements to the field of men’s grooming gear: Wet and Dry trimmers, balding and stubble trimmers, cordless rechargeable LiOn battery powered body groomers and clippers with enough oomph to hack through fine or coarse body hair with the vengeance of a weed whacker and the precision of a laser.

The problem for really hairy Muscle Bear types is these things wear out and blades get dull, even if you take great care to clean and lubricate them properly. So expect that replacing your hair clipper or beard trimmer every year or two is gonna be needed to have the manscaping tools you need to hack through your facial hair and body fur with clean precision.

(Image Credit: Tyler Stone @ Blogspot)

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