The Hot Hairy Gay Muscle Bear Pictures Obsession

26 May


Pictures of Muscle Bears seems to be a global obsession. Photos of beefy hairy men, Gay muscle bear pictures, images of hairy muscle Bears, Muscle Bear photo blogs and more abound across the internet.

A fetish for bearded, hairy and muscular men drives an absolutely insane amount of MuscleBear photo collection, ‘curation’ and sharing across the internet. Muscle Bear pics flood blog after photo blog across the social media landscape whether it’s Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr or Google+ Groups. Oh and lets not forget the Muscle Bear Pic Of The Day Twitter image tweets and endless FaceBook pics of Muscle Bear Fan Pages and personal postings of images of Muscle Bear men that clog our daily data streams. Some days I’m literally assaulted with with endless hot images of beefy, hairy, muscular Bear men.

Some days, I have to wonder who – or more importantly *WHY* a certain slice of the global human population spends such an insane amount of life energy gathering and disseminating hairy and bearded Bear Muscle pictures on such a massive scale. Some are clearly fur, muscle and Gay beard fetishists simply sharing their own little ‘hobby’ with others.

A few, like me, are far more *ARCH* in their motivations, looking for a captivated audience of hairy muscular pic pervs with a muscle and male body hair obsession and fetish to lure their lust for hairy bear men and engage in furry Muscle Bear bearsploitation to induce them into the world of Bear men Manscaping, beard trimming and back hair shaving gear. Gay men’s Manscaping and body grooming – or the lack of it – is after all – tangenitally related to this furry Muscle Bear picture collecting and sharing obsession.

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