MuscleBears In Speedos – The REAL Deal

27 Mar


OK, there is nothing sexier than a big, beefy, hairy man crammed into the smallest bit of Lycra Spandex possible. The contrast of heavy fur, ample flesh and big muscles juxtaposed to a wee bit of fabric swimwear is a sight to behold.

The MuscleBear obsession knows no bounds, and it’s morphed into a Speedo Bear swimwear obsession as well. And oodles of SpeedoBear WordPress, Tumbr and Blogspot blogs have appeared with pictures of ¬†alleged Speedo Bear men from around the globe.

The problem is the lack of regard for the Speedo Swimwear BRAND – and we end up with Speedo Bear pictures of guys in off-brand swimming briefs and trunks. That may still be visually appealing to some, but still it’s brand dilution. I want to see that classic Speedo logo to assure me that Bear in a Speedo really is – and not just showing off his hairy Bear body in some off-brand swim suit.

I want the Real-Deal: Speedo Bears loyal to the brand and sporting that logo with pride – Not some knock-off Speedo wanna-be poser in some other kind of swimming brief.


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