Big Muscle Beefcake Strong-Arm Tactics

strong arm tacticsI see my workout buddy – the Beef Pie himself – has really been working it hard the past month. Not just at the gym but pounding out endless reps on the ‘net promoting his latest venture. At least he has time at the gymnasium – Palm Springs World Gym to work out his frustrations when he’s not doing it on his keyboard as a still somewhat overweight, well-toned but not yet really, actually still not very BEEFY slab of a Bear Beefcake blogger.

His latest venture: To turn BeefPieBear Industries into a big, beefy mass of… well something that hopefully thousands of Gay MuscleBear men might find interesting. It can become a great source of fitness and weight training gear, sports nutrition and bodybuilding books, uber-hot Gym Bear Fashion and apparel – and of course the de-facto US headquarters of the SpeedoBear Lifestyle.

Do take a moment to LIKE his FaceBook Page at BeefPieBear Industries for a sense of some of the things you might like for a fit, furry and fabulous muscular development lifestyle that far too few aging Gay Bear men pursue. There’s still time to get active, make positive, healthy changes in your life to become the beefiest, best Bear you can be.

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Speedo Bear Pictures On FaceBook

MuscleBears In Speedos

MuscleBear In Speedo

Bearish Gay guy’s just can’t seem to get enough of Pictures Of Bears In Speedos on FaceBook, Tumblr and elsewhere. And I’m not talking about hairy Bear men in loose, baggy board-shorts and billowing swim trunks with yards and yards of fabric. No, I’m talking about big, burly, beefy very hairy men in Speedo bikini briefs – stuffed like furry sausages into tiny bits of tight Lycra Spandex swim wear showing off their furry body parts for all the world to see.

Are you a Speedo Bear? Yes or no – take the Speedo Bear Poll at HubPages and share your two cents on whether the SpeedoBear lifestyle is right for you. You don’t have to have the perfect Bear Bod to become a SpeedoBear — just enough confidence at the beach or poolside to wear a skimpy men’s Speedo brief with attitude and a sense of fashion and style.

Are you a shy or modest SpeedoBear? Speedo USA does make other styles of Speedo swimwear. Almost as alluring as a classic brief, they make a short legged square-across-the-thighs trunk which is just as sexy, and long, jammer style speedo swim apparel for those who don’t want to show off their thick, hairy and beefy legs to just any stranger on the waterfront.

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Gay Bear Men In Kilts

Bear In Plaid Kilt

Bear In Tartan Kilt

What’s not to love about a big, beefy and burly Gay bear man in a kilt? Whether it’s traditional highland pleated plaid or a modern urban utility kilt, there’s nothing like the sight of a thick ‘n’Hairy Legged Kilt Wearing Men letting the breeze blow up under where the sun don’t shine.

For awhile it seemed more modern men’s cargo and utility kilts might be a passing fad. But for select men and especially Bears in the Gay community, kilts are a frequent sighting at least in cities and urban areas. Kilts have proven to be a lasting Gay Bear Fasion Trend – although in North America’s more northern climates they do tend to be somewhat seasonal in appearance.

You’ll have to go to the Scottish countryside apparently to see kilted men on their native turf, or hook-up with a crew of Bag Pipe Players to really find out where the up-kilt action is. P.S. It’s more than just the kilt: To really complete the ensemble a Sporran, a Kilt Pin and a thick, very wide leather kilt belt complete the total kilt picture.

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Beefy Legged Muscle Bears

thick-hairy-thighsIf you had to choose one physical exercise to do that would reap the most benefit to your Muscle Bear development you should choose the squat. The squat is the single most demanding and ideal physical exercise for developing leg strength and overall muscle mass. It not just develops muscular mass to your legs faster than any other single exercise, it’s demanding execution contributes to developing big muscle Bear thighs – As well as overall size increases throughout your entire body to beef-up quick!

Squats with (or even without) weights considerably strengthens the muscles in charge of knee extension and hip flexion, the quadriceps, your hamstrings, and butt (gluteal) muscles. It also engages many of the smaller stabilizing muscles throughout your body such as your back, abdomen, thighs and rump for a very demanding and effective full body building exercise.

Performing the squat is extremely stimulating to a Bear’s entire body chemistry and musculature. It also is known to stimulate production of testosterone and growth hormone levels. Through experimentation, I have ascertained that the reps which are kept in the higher range of 15-20 repetitions can really add muscle definition quite quickly. Nevertheless, if raw strength and power is what you’re after, squatting in the 3-8 rep range with higher weights is better, and something you should strive for after you’ve mastered proper form doing lower-weight, hi-rep squats.

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Gay Speedo Bears On FaceBook

Like big, beefy and hairy men in Speedo swimwear? Please take a moment to LIKE the FaceBook SpeedoBears Page to keep tabs on the latest in furry Bear men stuffed into tiny bits of men’s Speedo swim wear.

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Become A MuscleBear – How To

muscular bearEven if you’re just a young, furry Cub or grizzled old grey Bearr who wants to get back into shape or get seriously stronger — you may be asking yourself: “How can I turn into a big Muscle Bear?”, “How long will it take to get huge muscles?”, “Will becoming a muscular Bear help me laid more often?”

Well there’s no easy answer to how to be a MuscleBear other than get your furry rump to a gym and hot those weights HARD. How long it will take to seriously muscle-up is another matter. So much depends on your Bear body somatotype and your current state of physical condition (or lack of it). But the solution is to immediately start to integrate a serious and focused effort on weight-lifting and cardiovascular endurance exercises hell-bent on getting into the best shape of your life. If you’re young its much easier, if you’re old you’re going to have to pace yourself and work within a framework that takes into account age related health issues and wear and tear on your joints and past injuries.

Perhaps someday we’ll write the definitive “How To Be A MuscleBear” eBook that’s sure to make the Gay non-fiction best-seller list. In the meantime, explore some of these articles and posts from a TRIBE OF MALE BODYBUILDING devotees. Even though they may seem to contain generic fitness and weight-training advice, there’s always little bits of insight you can glean to help integrate it into your big Bear muscle beef-up strength-training routine.

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Gay Bear Massage – Dallas Texas

Bear Massage In Dallas TX Visiting or live in Dallas? Jeremy’s Power Of Touch Massage Studio offers Gay Men’s Massage in the Dallas area.

He’s a Big, Beefy, Burly, Muscular Bear who’s Built, Tattooed, Trained, Highly Experienced, Certified and Legit. This Strong and Powerful Masseur is In-Shape — and a Masterful Muscle-Mooshing MuscleMoose of a Masseur.

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